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26 February 2020 @ 11:18 pm
Welcome! This Live Journal Is Now Friends Only!  Posts with Download links & Graphics will remain Open! So Please Don't add me for my work! If You Want to be my Friend Leave a Comment here first!


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08 March 2016 @ 12:45 am
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I'll talk about KAT-TUN for awhile, feel free to ignore this entry.

KAT-TUN since forever and will always continue to be "Real Face". KAT-TUN don't put an act! They are so clear and understanding! When they fight they fight and that is it! They are honest with each other.

People seem to underestimate hyphens but they are one of the strongest and most awesome fandoms I've met. Regardless of what anyone says, I am nether stupid, naive or hopeless and I simply can't replace KAT-TUN no matter what.

I don't really care how awesome and wonderful or lucky other groups are so please enough with that. I have many fandoms you all know that.

I love and adore every shape and form of KAT-TUN. Each has Its unique flavor and feel to it! With every time KAT-TUN never stop amazing me. I love KAT-TUN as 6,5,4,3,2,1. And will continue to support them and their name. Once a hyphen always a hyphen right.

I want KAT-TUN's tour to be a massive success and to make unforgettable memories with 3nin. Honestly, I want to attend the live tour! Its only a dream though that is why I had to support KAT-TUN in my own way! I bought TRAGEDY, UNLOCK and Best Album! ALL VERSIONS! It might be their last releases for a really long time! *broken heart*

I have faith in KAT-TUN. I believe they will come back greater than ever and ROCK our world once again.

Kame, Maru, Ueda and Junno are really very talented! Their music is one of a kind! You get hooked to it right away! KAT-TUN as 3nin will have a new sound but I am sure I'll love it the same! Because I love each and every sound of them.

I am sad, I am hurt that Junno is leaving! I love him and can't help the feelings of "WHY!" But then again! Its his decision! Its his life! If you truly love Junno you should try and understand him right? At least that is what I believe now! You DON'T have to agree. Thank you for everything Junno all these past years! I love you! I hope all the best in your life! I can't deny I'll miss you though! I only have one request, don't hate him! Its not worth it! After all the laughs we had thanks to him? After all what he offered for us.

Regarding UNLOCK: KAT-TUN put a lot of effort, emotions and created this perfect single! And I really want Hyphens to repay them! If you can get a copy please do and support them! Kamenashi Kazuya, Taguchi Junnosuke, Ueda Tatsuya, Nakamaru Yuichi: Thank you for an amazing single! Thank you for everything! KAT-TUN!!!

I never seen a fandom like ours, even though with everything going on we are still here ne? LETS MAKE A LOT OF MEMORIES FOR KAT-TUN!!! Lets make it a month to remember and cherish for KAT-TUN. I know Its painful but we only get to experience the 10th anniversary once. { - }💓 I have made up my mind, I won't give up on KAT-TUN and will wait for their return after the (recharge period).

I am proud of KAT-TUN. I am happy that I met KAT-TUN. I am thankful to KAT-TUN. I love KAT-TUN and they will live in my heart forever.

I love you hyphens! Lets all group hug ne?
Zutto a Hyphen.

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19 September 2014 @ 10:38 pm
Hello everyone! I am finally done with the f-list CUT!!! It was really hard to do!

I have been doing this all day! Glad Its over now! I've narrowed it to 50 friends I think!

Including all the 21 lovely people who commented in the previous post! I am grateful to you all!

Along with my mom, sisters and best friends! Also my co-workers from different communities.

I want to post more often nowadays (hopefully), very personal entries! That I don't want just anyone to see them!

That is why I hope you come to an understanding to why I had to do this!

I want people who actually care about me as person to read them! And share their honest opinion or advice.

If you missed the post earlier and want to be added again! Please leave a comment here or pm me and I will get back to you.

If I removed anyone by mistake, make sure to inform me right away!!! It was a huge list, I might done something wrong.

Once again I say~ To my new f-list:

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~ KameDa *hugs* to you all!

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