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17 July 2009 @ 01:11 am
[DL] 2002 SHOCK  
Koichi Dohmoto Shock

Shock is a famous musical in Japan led by Koichi Domoto. As of March 2009, it has been performed annually for ten years since 2000. The final show for the 2009 season was the 651th show of this series. Reputedly, it is very difficult to obtain premium tickets to the show.
There have been five versions of the musical:
  • Millennium Shock (2000)
  • Shock (2001-2002)
  • Shock is Real Shock (2003)
  • Shocking Shock (2004)
  • Endless Shock (2005–2009)
All versions have been performed at the Imperial Garden Theater in Tokyo.
Shock stars Koichi Domoto of the Japanese pop band KinKi Kids. It also features other Johnnys' idols including Tsubasa Imai of Tackey & Tsubasa, Jun Akiyama (Ex-Johnny's) and Tomoyuki Yara of Musical Academy, Nishikido Ryo and Ohkura Tadayoshi of Kanjani8, Ikuta Toma of Johnny's Junior and Uekusa Katsuhide from Shounentai

+2002 SHOCK
KAT-TUN Have a Supporting Role!

~MU links Added!

 Koichi Dohmoto Shock

Koichi Domoto SHOCK

2003.01.16 Release

¥ 9,300(tax in)


01 Put on a Happy Face
03 See You Again・・・!
05 追憶のハイウェイ
07 Maybe your love
08 勇気100%
09 あの日・・・
10 New York, New York
13 Hellow Broadway
14 The Night in New York
15 Press Conference
16 行カナイデ
17 Let's Go To Tokyo
18 Get Down
20 New York, New York
21 One
22 Let's Go To Tokyo


01 カナシミ ブルー
02 GO ON
04 アンダルシアに憧れて
05 情熱
06 ボクの背中には羽根がある
07 夏の王様
08 ジェットコースター・ロマンス
09 やめないで, PURE
10 愛されるより 愛したい
11 雨のMelody
12 愛のかたまり
13 硝子の少年

This Is a DVD Rip of the Play with the show time as well! [ITS RAW]
all are 3 parts uploaded to MediaFire Only! Each Part is 90 MB! *Its Password locked!*

Part A


Title : SHOCK-A
Length : 1:39:32
File Size : 1.14GB
Format : AVI Video
Resolution : 720x480

Download Links:
MF [ 001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - 010 - 011 - 012 - 013 ]
MU [ Full File ] by j_dramaq

Part B


Title : SHOCK-B
Length : 1:11:38
File Size : 840MB
Format : AVI Video
Resolution : 720x480

Download Links:
MF [ 001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - 010 ]
MU [ Full File ] by j_dramaq

Part C


Title : SHOCK-C
Length : 0:45:09
File Size : 528MB
Format : AVI Video
Resolution : 720x480

Download Links:
MF [ 001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 ]
MU [ Full File ] by j_dramaq 

Note :
1- Please use HJsplit to join the individual files.
2- Mirrors would be nice if someone can.
3- Please do not hot link - repost - any of the files ..if you want to share..link back to this post.
4- The links Are password Locked.. password: shocksoul 
5- If I did anything wrong I am sorry and I hope you enjoy watching the above Play like I did.
6- If There is something wrong with links .. let me know I will fix them right away Thank you. FIXED ALL LINKS!

Info : Wiki
Play : KALgb

~Thats All! Share The JE Love!~
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