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Boku No Kokoro Ga Miemasu Ka?

A Privet Place For A Lost Soul

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Name: Eman *Meaning Faith* From: Saudi Arabia Age: 23 Sensitive and very hard working girl! Into the Asian fandom, Crazy over her guys, love to read. write and cook! Student, still studying, have many hopes for the future! Aiming to become a Radiologist. Love to make new friends.

JROCK: GACKT GACKT YFC Hyde L`Arc~en~Ciel KAZ VAMPS Yasu Acid Black Cherry SOPHIA Alice Nine the GazettE SID BREAKERZ X-JAPAN JPOP: KAT-TUN ARASHI NEWS SAMP KINKI KIDS Kanjani8 T&T TOKIO V6 HSJ Nakayama Yuma Akanishi Jin Ikuta Toma Yamashita Tomohisa  KPOP: JYJ B.A.P Super Junior Big Bang SHINee MBLAQ D-NA SS501 2PM


If you want to add me as your friend! I won't mind! Just Comment, In the main post and talk a bit about yourself! And why you want me to add you? If not, I won't add you back. Be sure of that! Thank you.

Kamesoul is a normal live journal by Soul. You can only find here privet stuff. Also I try to make graphics sometimes and post download links here. Check the main post for more info about what this LJ have in store. Real life posts are friends locked.


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