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Boku No Kokoro Ga Miemasu Ka?

A Privet Place For A Lost Soul

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Name: Eman *Meaning Faith*
From: Saudi Arabia Age: 23
Sensitive and very hard working girl! Into the Asian fandom, Crazy over her guys, love to read, write and cook! Have many hopes for the future! Aiming to become a Radiologist. Love to make new friends.

JROCK: GACKT YFC Hyde L`Arc~en~Ciel VAMPS Acid Black Cherry SOPHIA Alice Nine The GazettE SID BREAKERZ X-JAPAN.
JPOP: KAT-TUN ARASHI NEWS SAMP KINKI KIDS Kanjani8 T&T TOKIO V6 HSJ Sexy Zone ABC-Z Kis-My-Ft2 Johnny's West SixTones Nakayama Yuma Akanishi Jin Ikuta Toma Yamashita Tomohisa Miyano Mamoru.
KPOP: JYJ B.A.P Super Junior Big Bang SHINee D-NA SS301 2PM


If you want to add me as your friend! I won't mind! Just leave a comment in the main post and talk a bit about yourself! And why you want me to add you? If not, I won't add you back. Be sure of that! Oh Thank you. :D

Kamesoul is a normal live journal by Soul. You can only find here privet stuff and random fandom posts! If you are looking for files or graphics try visiting the communities below.



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