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...Help Japan In Any Way You Can...

 Help Japan
Help Japan

LJ has made a Help Japan virtual gift, for Only $2.99.

If everyone at least can send one! It might help! I sent five to few of my freinds!
And I will properly send more later! 

It only 3 dollars not much! Hope all of you can help! at least by buying this gift!
LJ Thank You for making it happen! 

Update of the 12th Of March! Plus list of donations and shelters also more info! click HERE.

You can also Check Out help_japan. They are raising funds for Japan's Disaster.

Japan in my heart, my soul and spirit! I pray for the safety of all people there!
Minna they need our help lets try our best! And fandom has to stop for awhile! At least for me!

...Japan Stay Safe...
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