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(FIC) (( Its hurts that I love you )) kazuya !! Part (9)

Title : (( Its hurts that I love you )) kazuya
Rating :  dont know? haha 
Genre : some Romance , too much Drama
Pairings :  Akame Love .. light JunXKame >> More like a Friend ..
Disclamer : I Dont  own any of them << but i wish i could haha  >> 
Author : Kamesoul
Summary : >> For This Part .. Kame Got The Shock O f His Life .. And Jin Is Not There..

Kame <<Thought>> Its really is … The Best Time of my Life .. he loves me - I love him and he even wrote me this beautiful song that really describe our relationship .. 
he is really serious  about it .. now I AM SO SURE HE LOVES ME and so  we will get threw everything together -  so why do I care about them anymore ..

He thought everything was fine .. this is the best time of his life .. but sadly he did not know what will happen later on..

 The next day Kame woke up really early .. he have not got much sleep latley .. he was tired .. so he decided to go to the club ..
its was not a school day .. so he could have slept the whole day like someone we know << Jin ...

When he got to the club he was in a deep shock .. It was full of people from every where .. both men & ladies ...
So The boss Matsumoto spotted kame..called him .. and so he came and said : Hay boss why there is so many ppl here?!

Jun : You did not know that toady is our most important day of all ?! 

Kame : No why is it so important ? ..

Jun : Its really hard for me to explain .. I will tell later okay .. btw since You are here could You give us a hand ..
I know its Your day off .. but can You ?!

Kame : Yes I can !! I will be happy to ..

Jun : good then I am counting on You !! Make Our Customers Happy !! ..

Kame : Hai..

Kame went inside as he was giving a list of people he had to serve .. it was about 34 persons and most of them were men .. Kame thought >> God Help Us All ..

He was looking at the paper (the list) to decide  one who he should go to .. when he reached the last person on that piece of paper .. he got the shock of his life ..
He got all his memories back .. he started shaking .. his heart full of fear .. of what could happen .. if he could see him .. he did not know what to do .. he must do his jop ..

But he cannot go to that person .. he sat on a sofa in the boss office .. got his cell phone called the only one he trust on this ... but jin did not answer .. so what should he do now ..
He was scared .. afraid .. confused .. all alone again .. he started to cry a bit ....Just when Mats Jun walked into his office only to see his best host crying ..

He went closer to Kame placed his hand on kames shoulder .. Kame left his head .. said : sorry .. I cant do this anymore .. I have to go .. I am sorry ..
He was trying to get up .. but  Jun grabbed his hand .. made him sit on the sofa .. saying : here now .. tell me what happened ?? Kame told him the whole story about his step father ..

Jun said : I already Know All That So what is it ?

Kame : How did You know I have not told anyone about this ... well except Jin ...

Jun : I Just Know ... That's it ... So what is the matter ?

Kame : My stepfather is one of our customers that I was supposed to serve .. but I cant .. please don't let me do it ..<< With a pleady Eyes..

Jun : We can put someone in your place well that make You fell better ?! .

Kame : It well help me a lot .. please do so .. I don’t want to see him .. after what he did to me ..Kame started to remember what has happened to him for a long time .. he started shaking again.. soon tears came .

Jun could not stand this view .. Kame was so fragile and weak .. he had to help him .. as friend .. so he hugged him .. comforted him .. until he fell asleep .. then he covered him in a blanket .. he put his hand in kames pocket to reach his cell phone ….

He turn off the lights .. closed the door .. open Kame cell phone called the last number Kame has called .. It was Jin ..

This part I wrote to make things more amusing Did U Like It ?! Or Not 
As i said before  .. this is my first time wiritng a Fic wanna here your thoughts about it ... 
And ..  << Its a pure love hope you could
that .. >>

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Tags: akame, akanishi jin, arashi, fanfic, jun matsumoto, kamenashi kazuya, kat-tun, news, tomohisa yamashita
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