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Day 03 of "30-Day KAT-TUN Challenge" Meme!!!

Day 03 - Favorite Kamenashi Kazuya Pose

When his hand are on his chin or covering his mouth! He does this quite a lot If you notice like me! *freak much?* And the way he looks at the camera! :O Like he sees right through you! I find his eyes beautiful and the looks he gives in each photo are never the same! ❤

Kame Pose1.jpg

I was going to choose KamePeace! Since I adore it so much! HE IS QUITE ADORABLE ISN'T HE? Do you see the GAP!!! *__* I don't know why I am choosing different things for this meme! But Its good to let you all know about stuff you don't already know right? :P

Kame Pose2.jpg

Enjoy the Kame goodness~ And seriously all his poses are lovable! What was I thinking while writing this question? *slaps self*

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