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22 May 2016 @ 11:18 pm
Day 06 of "30-Day KAT-TUN Challenge" Meme!!!  
Day 06 - Favorite KAT-TUN song Lyrics

Hi! So here goes my choice for favorite lyrics! I actually love MANY MANY MANY KAT-TUN song lyrics! Specially beautiful or sad ballads and motivational songs like Race Goes On, Diamond and Atsuku Nare! But for this one I had to choose N.M.P (No More Pain) because I feel like this song speaks to me and I can relate to it on some level! I remember back in 2010 when It first came out how we all got hooked on it! Its truly an EPIC song! It describes a painful yet hopeful world which is exactly the world we are living now! I also feel that Its good to listen to "CHANGE UR WORLD" afterwards. Its my own analysis but the way I see it! "You no longer want pain as in (No More Pain) And that is why you will (Change Ur World) Like I said before and as most of you know this by now but I'll say it again KAT-TUN helped me in so many ways and I am a better person thanks to them ❤.

No More Pain.png

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