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Day 07 of "30-Day KAT-TUN Challenge" Meme!!!

Day 07 - Favorite KAT-TUN Live Performance

"RAY" In LIVE 2015 9uarter in TOKYO DOME

To tell the truth, this live is super awesome! I love many performances of it and of course other KAT-TUN lives as well! I thought I'd go with a new one! And actually I was torn between RAY, PHOENIX and FIRE & ICE. KAT-TUN have the ability to put on powerful awesome EPIC performances and "RAY" is simply one of them! If you still haven't watched it yet! You better hurry because its AMAZING.

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Day 28 - Favorite Ueda Tatsuya Photo-Shoot.
Day 29 - Favorite Nakamaru Yuichi Photo-Shoot.
Day 30 - Picture of your KAT-TUN collection.
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