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Day 08 of "30-Day KAT-TUN Challenge" Meme!!!

Day 08 - Favorite KAT-TUN TV Show

***This is one of my favorite performances***

***And this is one of my favorite collaborations***

For this one I had to go with what I thought showed KAT-TUN real talent and charm which is most defiantly is "Shounen Club Premium".

My reason was that this show helped everyone to realize KAT-TUN's potential and worth! Many amazing original performances and collaborations! *speechless* Not to mention funny moments and awesome trips! It was a fun really enjoyable show! It was like PERFECT! It had it all! Don't get me wrong! I am huge fan of Cartoon KAT-TUN and Tame Tabi! But I think these shows are more directed towards us hyphens and SCP was for the whole world to see! That is what I personally believe you may disagree though. Not to mention this was the birthplace of cretin special character *wink*.

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Day 12 - Favorite KAT-TUN Live Moment.
Day 13 - Favorite SCP KAT-TUN Moment.
Day 14 - Favorite KAT-TUN Group Photo.
Day 15 - Favorite Kamenashi Kazuya Qoute.
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Day 18 - Favorite KAT-TUN Live DVD.
Day 19 - Favorite KAT-TUN OTP or Pair.
Day 20 - Favorite KAT-TUN Related fan-work.
Day 21 - Favorite Kamenashi Kazuya Drama.
Day 22 - Favorite Ueda Tatsuya Drama.
Day 23 - Favorite Nakamaru Yuichi Drama.
Day 24 - Favorite Smile of your KAT-TUN Bais.
Day 25 - Favorite KAT-TUN Senpai-Kohai Photo.
Day 26 - Favorite KAT-TUN Ballad Song.
Day 27 - Favorite Kamenashi Kazuya Photo-Shoot.
Day 28 - Favorite Ueda Tatsuya Photo-Shoot.
Day 29 - Favorite Nakamaru Yuichi Photo-Shoot.
Day 30 - Picture of your KAT-TUN collection.
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