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Day 09 of "30-Day KAT-TUN Challenge" Meme!!!

Day 09 - Favorite Kamenashi Kazuya Solo

Its a tie between "Kizuna" and "1582"!

"Kizuna" will always remain a special song to me, not only Its the first song written by Kame! Its what made me fall hard for him back then, Its a really meaningful song with a lot of passion and emotions! I know it by heart and I always humm it or sing it all the time! There are many versions of it but my favorite is the one when all KAT-TUN memebers perform it togather.

I truly think that "1582" is just amazing and one of a kind! I wish he would perform it again someday! Its one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen! And Kame is just incredible here! He portrayed the story and the character really well! I remember when I first saw it! How surprised I was! (Although we all know that Kame is a man full of surprises and ideas!) Its a beautiful song with wonderful lyrics and melody! And Kame's performance made it even more beautiful! I can't describe how much I love it or how amazing it is! You can go ahead and watch! You may need the lyrics and know the story well in order to truly enjoy and understand this solo.

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