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(FIC) (( Its hurts that I love you )) kazuya !! Part (10)

Title : (( Its hurts that I love you )) kazuya
Rating :  dont know? haha 
Genre : some Romance , too much Drama
Pairings :  Akame Love .. New One Will Be Born..
Disclamer : I Dont  own any of them << but i wish i could haha  >> 
Author : Kamesoul
Summary : >> For This Part .. Come And see ne ?!

He turn off the lights .. closed the door .. open Kame cell phone called the last number Kame has called ..
It was Jin ..

After a really long time .. jin pick up the phone .. he was half sleep .. but when he saw kames number he did wake up ..
said : ..hello .. kazu-chan baby .. how are you today .. look .. I missed you so so much that I would ..

Jun said : Hold it right there .. I am not Your Kazu-chan .. I am his manger Matsumoto !!


Jin : oh .. I see then how come you have his sell phone ?  Where is he any way ?

Jun : don’t worry .. he is fine .. But I Need You TO Come Here Right Now ASAP ..

Jin : good .. what .. You need for what ? come to the club ? why  ? what make me go all the way there ?

Jun : Just Come and you will see for yourself ..

After that he hung up leaving jin with a very confused face..he thought if he was still dreaming ..
but  he had to go .. after all it was for his kazu .. he got up .. dressed .. left .. with a toast in his mouth ..
called for a cap .. went to the club ..  he did not notice that someone was waiting for him..as he went there..

He was surprise to find how beautiful and high class the place was .. he walked in saw all these kinds of people ..
then jun saw him .. are you Akanshi jin ?!

Jin : yes .. I am .. could you please take me to the manger ?

Jun : your looking at him !!

Jin : ~OH~ <<Jin Thought>>  holy crap !! is this his manger .. the kind.. sweet ..manger I expect him to be  much older .. He is really …

Jun : interpret him saying .. If you want to see kamenashi he is in my office .. but before that I need to talk to You first..
 Will that be alright with you Akanishi-san ?!

Jin Just nodded …

The went to the cafeteria .. Jun orders some drinks as the sat down on the table ..Jun remain silent ..

Jin started by saying : ano .. what did you wanted to talk to me about?!

Jun : look .. I will make this .. fast and simple .. you know about kames past right ?

Jin nodded ..

Jun : and you know what his step-father did to him a long time ago ?

Jin nodded ..

Jun: will that step-father of his came today as a customer in the club .. and Kame was in charge of serving him ..
But he could not handle it .. he did not want to see him .. he ask me If I could replace him and I agreed To that ...
He was scared ..cried a bit .. then he Just fell a sleep …

Jin simply said : REALLY !!! I DID NOT KNOW  !!!! WHAERE IS HE !! I NEED TO SEE HIM NOW !!

Jun : calm down .. he is fine .. sleeping safely in my office .. now the most important thing .. I need to tell ..
he believe in you .. he trust you .. and for sure he love you.. so you got to be always there for him ..
any time .. any where .. do you understand ?!

Jin : you have my word .. I promise you.. That I will be With him Until I Reach My grave !!!!
Thank you so much for looking after my kazu !! I will be off to see him now …

 Jun nodded and Jin took off .. to the office … when he got there .. he saw the sleepy kazuya again …
he gently  wiped off the dried tears .. patted kames head .. Just sat there looking at his love sleeping peacefully and
smiling when he heard Kame saying his name <<Jin thought >> You think of me Even In your dreams kazuya ?!

After few minutes Kame woke up ..  looked straight at Jin who was sitting beside him… smiling at him saying :
~OH jin where have you been on !~ ~I really needed you~ My stepfather came here and I was here and he…
 Jin cut him off .. ~placing his finger on his lips~ >> Like always ..

Kame listen to me I know All what happened and I am truly grateful to Matsumoto for everything he have done to you !!
I am glad you have someone like him beside you!! I am sorry for not coming earlier but I am here right now ..  with you don’t worry kazuya!

Kazuya : I am not .. cause I have these wonderful people around me .. My friend Ueda – My boss Matsumoto ..
And my Love .. You jin .. but as a punishment for you cause you did not reply to my call .. you got to come with me
tonight in my apartment I have something I want to give you …

Jin Just said : ~~hai~~ I love t go there .. but let me tell my mother first or she will freak out Just like the last time
I was with you !! Jin dialed the number ..

The phone started to ring … the mother answered .. Jin said : hi okasan .. look I will sleep over at my friends house tonight …
The mother asked him if it was yamapi house ? He said no .. she told that yamapi came to the house when he was in the club ..
she said he was really sad .. and have gloomy face .. with teary eyes .. she said : did something happened to him ?!

Jin reply : I Really Don’t Know .. <<Jin thought>> What Happened  To You Pi ?! Thanks mom .. I will talk to you later ne ? bye !!
>> he forget that today was Yamapi birthday.. he had plans with him for this day !! but Jin forget thats as well ....

The mother : okay .. that’s fine .. but remember to behave yourself and don’t do anything stupid like always .. bye …

Jin : ~~mou~~ She still thinks  I am a small baby .. who cant do any thing by himself ..

Kame : ~Will You Are One~ ha-ha-ha >> Kame lat out a laugh ..

Jin was angry but soon he joined him laughing saying : I guess you are right kazu-chan !!

Kame : stop calling me that !! its so …... !! << He is Blushing really well !!

Jin : why ?! Its too cute and it fits you really well .. and you are too cute when you become shy KAZU-CHAN !!

Kame ran to him.. hugged too strong that made them fell on the floor ..
they just continue  struggling and laughing their heart out !!

Jun sneaked on them to see how is everything and if Kame was alright or still upset !!
when he saw them laughing he smiled and closed the door ..

but after that he left .. then came back again to tell Kame he can take a break if he would like ..
because maybe his stepfather well come back again ?! but he stopped when he saw some guy sneaking on them as well ..
looking kind of sad .. the boy was around kamenashi-Akanishi  age he <<thought>>..
And he is not one of the hosts cause he know them all .. and their background as well … Who Could That Be ?

 Note : So Did U like This One Or Not ?! .. Because The Last Part Was Short I Made This One Longer !!
As i said before  .. this is my first time wiritng a Fic wanna here your thoughts about it ... 
And ..  << Its a pure love hope you could Understand
that .. >>

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Tags: akame, akanishi jin, arashi, fanfic, jun matsumoto, kamenashi kazuya, kat-tun, news, tomohisa yamashita

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