kamesoul (kamesoul) wrote,

9 Gifs For Kamenashi-Akanishi-Tanaka 3 For Each ..

Hi ... How Are U All .. Hope  Everything In Your Life Is Boring And Dull ...
<< Just Kidding Hope Its Full Of
Happiness And Good Stuff !!

Okay .. U All Know I Did Not Make Gifs For Awhile Now ...
So I Made This From Many Videos But Mostly From Ck2U...

For This Time Its For : Kamenashi-Akanishi-Tanaka 3 For Each ...

Here Is A Teaser :

Warring : Heavy Gifs Too Hot For The Brain To Handle !!! ...

First Kamenashi Kazuya : 3 Gifs

He is Too cute here... Just Cant Stop Looking At This !!

Kame...You Are So Sweet When Your Like That ^^^---------^^^

He Is Too Hot Here ... I Cant Get Enough Of U Kazuya..Really !!^^

Then  Akanishi Jin : 3 Gifs

God !! .. Is There Anyone Who Is MORE Cuter Than Him?!!!!!!^^ ..

He Is So Bakanishi Here I love him Too Much ..So Shocked^---^

We Cannot Forget The Cool Side Of Him After All can We ?!^-^

Lastly Tanaka Koki : 3 Gifs

OMG !! Koki How CAN HE MOVE LIKE THAT ^------------------------^

Koki Are U Trying To Kill Me Thats Enough Please !! ^^_____^^

I am Completely Speechless.............. ^^_________________^^

In The Next Post Will Be Gifs As Well For The Rest Of Them ..
For  Taguchi-Ueda-Nakamaru  3 Each .. Hope U Will Like Them !!
Thank U .. Please U Must Comment if U Take >> Lols And Credit If U Used !! ..

Tags: akanishi jin, discussion, gif, kamenashi kazuya, kat-tun, pictures, tanaka koki

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