kamesoul (kamesoul) wrote,

4 Gifs For Akanishi-Tanaka (OXY) CM 2 For Each

Hi everyone Its Me Again Made 4 Gifs This Time ..
Its For You muchie05 
  Actully !! ... I made These For U .. Hope U Liked them ~Hugs~

For Akanishi-Tanaka From OXY CM ... HOPE U Will Like Them ... 
I Know I Said The Next Post Will be Ueda-Nakamru-Taguchi !! >> Please wait !!

So Here Is A Teaser :

First Akanishi Jin : 2 Gifs

What Are U Doing ?? Bakanishi Jin-San ?! ^^____^^

Wah Look At his Smile Is he the cuteset or what ?

Then Tanaka Koki : 2 Gifs

Wah~~~I almost fainted whene I saw This ^^____^^

Where Did He come out from ? Lol Love that Smile ^^

Tags: akanishi jin, gif, kat-tun, tanaka koki

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