September 4th, 2008

KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

Happy Birthday Nakamaru !! This Is The K-A-T-T-U-N Love For You !!

Now .. Today Is Nakamaru Birthday So I Thought I I could Show YOU The Nakama Love !!

We All of course know him he is the one and only the amazing beat..boxing Nakamaru Yuichi ...

I Say : We All Love You !! Thank you so much for the Hard work you are doing !!
You are Truly amazing ... As Your Fan I am Glad To Be ... One ... And Sure Happy Wondrful Birthday Yuichi ..

You truned 25 Its waird ha .. how time go by really fast .. you grew up .. to be sach a gentlman .. I really admire you a lot ..
You must live each and every day .. with Good thoughts .. I am sure With you around evreything wil be Just Fine ..
Hope You Could Go On To Be The Nakamaru We All Love .. You wrked hard this Year too !! I am so thankful to everything You Have done till Now .. So I Say : Thank You From The bottom of My Heart ...

Why I Love him ?!!

He is so cool .. good looking .. amazing dancer .. really talnted .. kind .. caring .. comfring ... cute .. baka sometimes ..
I love His smile so much ... it bright up my day really ... 

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