October 4th, 2008

KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

Birthday Tat Chan !! I Made A Banner !! + 4 Sigs + 3 Wallpapers


Happy Birthday Tat-Chan Hope U Will Have The Best Of YourLife !! ..
Happy Birthday Banner :


wah~ I Just made it In Time I Thought I would Miss his birthday cause I was gone ..
but somhow I manged to get back !! I Love Ueda Tatsuya so much !!!
He Is Really EvreyThing Girl would ask for !! Beautiful-Cute-Funny-Cool-Talented- Romantic...
We All Love him ... About The Banner Above ... Its has his too cute Part & Cool
I love that about him ... and I love his smile so much .. you cant help but love This guy Right ?
So On This Wondrful Day ... I wish For U Tat-Chan To Make Your Own Wishes Come True !!
I will shout Out Loud : I Love U UEDA-TASUYA FOREVER !!

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