October 24th, 2008

KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

K-T New Single + Kame X Tanaka & X Taguchi Icon Batch Post (20)

Hay .. whats up evrey one .. !! I am so glad and super .. super happy ..
cause fainlly Kat-Tun Is having a new single and its called White Christmas !!

WaW my head is in a big damage right now .. I keep on thinking how the song
will sound like .. Or how will the PV be like .. how they will look like .. 
I gusse most of you understand Right ?!

I missed them so much .. I cant wait to see them .. It seem that the song is calm and cool not rock ..
I think Its really good this way .. cause they have not relesed a pop single for a long time ..
The last ones is DYES & LIPS & Keep The Faith all of these are amazing .. but all of them are rock ..
I love rock but I missed hearing them in calm pop songs ..

Its The Best presnet Ever !! So All The Way Kat-tun .. I Love you Forever ..

What about You Guys What do you feel about this wondrful suprise ?!

Okay Eoungh Talking : So Its An Icon Batch post With Kame pairs In Kat-Tun
Lovely Check it out !! This Time : Tanaka & Taguchi

As I said before the next post is about Kame X Koki & Kame X Taguchi ..
Its just an idea .. hope you will .. like it too .. ..

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Note :
I Made This Cause I Wanted To .. Hope You Liked Them ..
The Next Post Is About : Kame X Jin & Kame X Other Icon patch (20) ..