November 29th, 2008

KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

Happy Birthday !! Tagu-chan !! Solo Preformances !!

I know Its late but i could not help it .. I must do something !!
To show how Tagu-chan means to me !! well we all love our Guchii !!

If you happen not to know tagu-chan witch is really imposable ..
He is the First T Of K-A-T-T-U-N .. A Japanese boy band from the Johnny’s Entertainment ..
More info click Here ..

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 The List :
2001-11-11 SC Jounetsu (Jin + Junno)
2002.08 Okyakusama-wa-kamisama Taguchi one-night
2004-10-03 SC Taguchi tap-dancing
2005.01.04 Kaizokuban Taguchi tapdancing
2005-01-04 Kaizokuban Taguchi confused-cog
2006-04-09 SC Kame & Junno – Special Happiness
2006.11.05 SC Taguchi Junnosuke Seishin performance
2007.06.17 cartoon KAT-TUN II You Taguchi Samurai Love Attack
There Is Passward Now For The Files If You Want To Download Drop A Comment Please !!

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