November 3rd, 2009

KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

Happy Birthday Ryo Chan!

I know I am late~! T_T but I really can't let this day past without posting this~! today is the birthday of one the most attractive guys in JE~! sometimes he can be bully and cute~! XD also he has that bright smile~! <333 which makes you find yourself smiling together with him~! the very talented singer his solos are one of the best~! his strong voice is powerful~! and the whole performance that he do is damn cool and very very High.. no doubt also that this guy is an amazing actor who made us laugh.. cry.. smile.. and go Kya every time we see him.. the hard working Idol between two wonderful bands News & Kanjani8.. Ryo Chan~! I hope you had an awesome birthday full of a lot of fun and happy moments and I wish the very best for you from now on~! our dear lovely Ryo Chan~! <333

Cause I was so into the mood I made 2 banners lol
which is best? XD



Its like a Smiley & Cool banners ne? I can't help it I love this guy^^
anyway I say again:

!~~Happy Birthday Ryo Chan~~!