April 12th, 2010

KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

Icons (132) The Big Blast! + Icons Requests Are Open!

Hey.. how are you all? anyone miss me? its me again.. with an Icons Blast!!
just cause I will have a whole week off starting the day after tomorrow!!
at last I will get some rest!! also go party and have fun with my friends!!
so YAY FOR HOLIDAYS!!! don't you just love the feeling! LOL

hmm.. though... Its wired no KAT-TUN this time... XD
but I love these guys too so I wanted to make icons of them!
after all you all know how I am really into making icons lately for everyone!
though the coloring might look bit strange to you! but I am so in love with it!!

Icons (132):
Johnny's: Uchi Hiroki, Arashi, Matsumoto Jun, Kanjani8, News


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