September 20th, 2010

KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

don't bother to read...unless you actually care

Don't bother to read...unless you actually care... I am having so mixed up feelings at the moment! I am hating myself and everyone seems to dislike *hate* me already! *sighs* anyway I am thinking of leaving the fandom for awhile! starting from next week If I could! I need to focus on my studying and my life! I want to achieve something big in my life! and build up my life the way I am hoping it to become! so I wish everyone understand my decision! Its not like I won't be around anymore! but it will be kinda of hard to me to keep up with everything and everyone's updates! that also means I can't continue providing or sharing anything in the mean time! though I have lots of things I was hoping to share! As for my graphics that has to stop for awhile my next batch will be the last for I don't know how long! and Kame_World means a lot to me and I feel like I am betraying it and turning my back on it! and that hurts a lot! but everyone have real life that is affecting him\her. I will try to keep on checking it! and I was hoping I could discuss this with the mods but I couldn't! Sorry guys! *bows*

To those who added me without commenting don't be upset if I don't add you back without you introducing yourself first its really that simple! And to those who insulted me in a lot of ways I hope you are very proud of yourself and are very happy! all I can say Thank You! and Goodbye!

P.S I Love you my f-list forever! Don't forget that ever ne! :D
I know myself and I can't be gone very long! XD