November 3rd, 2010

KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

Happy 45th Birthday SRK!


Happy Birthday Dear SRK!


Today,yesterday was the birthday of the most amazing man on this whole planet! the one who always care and do good things for others, the one who made me smile,laugh,cry and go crazy all the time! the one and only the awesome Shahrukh Khan, I've been a fan for a long time,seen most of his work, followed him through his life and I am glad I did cause to be honest  I learn a lot from him, his wisdom and way of thinking blew me away, his hardworking and the passion he have for his work makes you speechless! the amount of work he is doing is just unbelievable! that makes me do my best and try my hardest to achieve my goals! he is a wonderful husband,caring father,good freind,and a great performer! just looking at him gives you peace and hope! I love him for the bottom of my heart! can't wait to see more achievements from SRK! Keep Shining Forever! Thank You For Making My Life A Better one! May Allah Bless You My Dear! :D