December 22nd, 2010

Ueda: KTF

Meme: "Top 31 Christmas Songs"

"Top 31 Jpop\Jrock Christmas\Winter Songs"

Taken from no one. I thought about my favorite Jpop\Jrock Christmas\Winter Songs! and since Its December already! might as well start with it right? If you would like to do it as well that would be great! Each day for the next 30 days! Post a Christmas\Winter Song you like! with\without lyrics! and with\without download links. Tell what the song mean to you? Or what do you like mostly about the song? Does it have a special meaning or? Tag anyone if you feel like it. feel free to comment and express you opinion.

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**Today Is A Special Day**

And Cause you love this guy so much! and I know how much you are crazy about him!
Hope you like it and enjoy watching it!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Dodo!

Today is very special day.. Cause Its the birthday of one of my best freinds! She is cute,lovely and very respectful!
She helps one in trouble! And do her best in everything! She inspire me to do my best! And also I admire her for her good deeds! I liked her from the first day I met her! She was real nice! hmm... In fact she is bit crazy but that what makes me love her more! So I say to her one more time!: Happy Birthday Dear Freind!

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