February 14th, 2011

KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

Happy Valentines Day To You All <3

My Valentine Heart
Valentine’s Day is full of paper hearts,
but my heart for you, my friend,
is full of feelings
more precious to me than gold,
as long lasting as diamonds.
My heart for you, my friend
is filled with emotions strong as platinum,
and appreciation for you
worth more to me than any treasure.
My Valentine heart is yours,
my priceless friend.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


What Can I Say?
What can I say to let you know
that your friendship means everything to me.
How can I make you aware
that my life is so much better and happier
because you’re in it.
What can I do to convey how I feel
that I’m blessed in so many ways
to have you as my friend.
Will this little rhyme help?
You’ve always been a friend so fine;
Will you be my Valentine?