March 18th, 2011

KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

Its too much really! I am depressed! but I won't give up!

Japan: Hopes fade for finding more survivors...

As officials desperately tried to prevent disaster at a damaged nuclear facility, hopes faded for finding survivors amid the rubble as snow and cold blanketed the areas most affected by the earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan. Residents were allowed back into damaged areas for the first time since the disaster to inspect what might be left of their homes. And flights out of Japan were full as foreign nationals and others left the country. The Big Picture continues special daily coverage of the disaster through tomorrow, with later updates anticipated as events merit. -- Lane Turner


More Pictures Under Cut! It breaks my heart to see these pictures! Japan! I love you and I hope,wish,pray that you will stand up again and be the most amazing country in the world that you are! ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS! PLEASE TRY TO HELP IF YOU CAN! EVEN IF ITS A LITTLE SMALL THING! JUST DO IT! IT MIGHT MAKE A DIFFERENCE! JAPAN NEEDS OUR HELP! SO LETS ALL PUT OUR DIFFERENCES ASIDE AND HELP THEM ALL!!!

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