March 26th, 2011

KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

Update: Fixed Missing/Broken Links!!!

Hi, How are you all? :)

Just wanted you guys to know that I FIXED the missing links for the Shock  2002 & Gakuen Drama Jr. Fight Movie (Hardsub) + Making of (Raw) Please let me know If there something wrong! And you can leave a comment for the password on each post!

If by any chance you haven't watched it? You really should cause its awesome! XD
KAT-TUN as chibi were so cute! and adorable! <3

Hahaha, I never get bored of this! He makes the same mistake over and over again! Poor Kame-chan! XD
I might Go and re-watch it now! LOL

P.S The sandstorm is kinda gone now. Thank god! But everything is covered in sand now. Much cleaning to do now! Haha.