July 5th, 2011

KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

Happy 38th Birthday GACKT! #happybdayGACKT


Happy 38th Birthday GACKT~ Sama
4th of July Was Amazing... What can I write! What can I say? About this Man! I mean my writing skills isn't at their best right now! Sorry! XD I am even late posting this! Its all your fault really so Don't blame me! LOL The twitter project took all my power! I had to recharge so I can come back again! Its sad we didn't make it! But at least he thanked us! I am sure he was happy to know! Even lots of famous idols helped us! I thought I was so special being a GACKT fan! Hehe~ I even met new awesome friends!  And I had a great time indeed! And found myself loving him even more! Its true I am tired! Its true I haven't slept for two days! But you know! I had a really good time! It seemed like all of this worth it! Us Dear are a very strong amazing family! I love every single one of you guys! Oh GACKT! I really hope you had a great time on your birthday! You were even working real hard! Thank you so much for everything! Good luck on your Tour! Wish you all the best! Can't wait for the new PV! And of course It was extra special cause I saw you on my TV! *YAY* Its like a dream came true! You were so *KYA* amazingly beautiful! And since It was HD! I can tell for sure this man is darn pretty, hot and too cool! His words were so touching I almost teared! T_T Japan we are with you! Thank You GACKT! And your birthday was the best ever! I won't forget this day in my whole life! And If anyone want to watch it! HERE
Oh and of course~ Had to make something for his birthday~ 

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