August 30th, 2011

Jun: Face

Happy 28th Birthday Jun-Sama! ♥

Happy 28th Birthday Jun~Sama!

~Happy 28th Birthday Jun-Sama~Hope you have a Great Birthday Today~
~Jun, Your one of kind.. A special exsisntes that shines upon my life~
~From the very first moment I saw you, I fell for you! Your amazing~
~Everything about you makes me love you even more each day~
~You are the reason why I am the person who I am today~
~You made my life a great one and because of you~
~I met wonderful friends that I think of as family~
~Jun, No matter what I say It won't do you right~
~I am thankful to for every little thing you did~
~I am really blessed to be your fan dear~
~Jun, Will support you and forever~
~Love you always~ ♥♥♥

You always put a Prefect and Amazing performances!
You always work so hard to achieve the best results!
You help and care for others when they need you!
You are a really great planner and a good speaker!
Your character really is something to be adored for!
You are so devoted into what you do! Its admirable!
You are so talented and I am always amazed by what you offer!
You have so much to give! And you convey so much in everything!
You are beautiful.. literately in almost everything in your soul,and your heart!
You are so hot/sexy, too cool and such a Dos! I am your eternal fan Jun!
Your smile is so beautiful.. beautiful that I can't help but smile back at you!

~Only Jun fans would understand Just how much amazing this guy is and how we can't help but to love and adore him~
~ I really hope he spent unforgttable day and that he had so much fun on his birthday~
~I must say it once Happy Birthday Jun~Sama~


Isn't that face Just ADORABLE!!! ♥___♥
YES I LOVE Matsumiya!!! ♥♥♥