September 6th, 2016

Ueda: Smile

My New Blog! "Lost in Thoughts and Ideas"

Hi everybody! I am happy to announce the official opening of my blog:

free glitter text and family website at

This blog is created mainly for the purpose of me talking about many different things along with some aspects of my life. It may contain only ranting! You have been warned! It will be like a window to my soul that I will simply pour it all there, because this is one of my (many) steps that I need to do in order to become a better person and maybe ease some of the weight I am carrying always.

It is something I wanted to do for awhile but never had the time or the courage to do it till now! I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions! If you do like something please comment on the blog itself and not here! If you are interested and want to check it out click HERE.

Thank you!!! ❤️