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Akame one shot: don't wanna be alone *completed*

Title : don't wanna be alone..
Author : kamesoul 
: see for yourself..
Genre : Angst/drama..
Disclaimer : don't own anything just the plot..
Pairings : Akame *Kin*
Summary : kamenashi kazuya a 23 years old man ..
an idol in a JE band .. living alone .. he was really getting bored with his way of living...
always tried to change it but everything would fall if he did... Have so much work...


part 1 \  part 2  \  part 3  \  part 4 \ part 5

“He is stable right now, but we don't know if he is going to wake up or not. His brain cells were damaged and that could cause him to lose his memory. We are not sure to what to expect so please be ready Akanishi-san… for whatever comes.” That what Jin heard outside of Kame's room. He doesn't care if he lost him memory or not the most important thing is for him to stay alive no matter what.

A\N: at last guys I am done with this its THE END! I do hope you like it and enjoy reading!
thanks for all the support and the nice comments! sorry for the delay! and hope to see you another time!
Tags: akame, akanishi jin, banner, fanfic, kamenashi kazuya, kat-tun, pimping
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