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20 July 2008 @ 03:23 am
(FIC) (( Its hurts that I love you )) kazuya !! Part (3)  

Title : (( Its hurts that I love you )) kazuya
Rating :  dont know? haha 
Genre : some Romance , too much Drama
Pairings : Just Akame
Disclamer : I Dont  own any of them << but i wish i could haha  >> 
Author : Kamesoul
 Summary :This is a  sad story about two young boys
had fell in love with each other without knowing it !! 

Jin kept thinking over and over again :  to how he can light up kazu's life a little ?! .. While drowning in his thought making weird faces …. 
He snabed out of it .. when he saw kazuya laugh his heart out because of The Bakanishi Acts … 
They talked for a really long time … W\O them noticing how late it really was ….

On the other hand ….

Jin's mom get worried about her son << she kept saying maybe something Bad Happened
 to him cause he is so clumsy and foolish …>> And he was not picking up either …

when she was about to go and search for him outside .. he opened  the door and said << tadima>>
She was so worried .. so she ended up hugging him and hitting him at the same time...

He just apologized but he was grounded from going out side for a whole week ..
So it was from home to school & school to home even his father agreed….

He was saying to his friends about it the other day at school ….

But he did not tell his friends about kazuya at all .. he did not look at kazu
The whole day ... he was so embarrsswed
 …to till  him that he was punished because of him .. 
he thought if he did .. it will upsets kazuya … or make him sad but he did not know that :

kazuya felt something wrong he was like : did I do something to make him upset last night ?!!
I just hugged him or maybe he was just pitying me for my past or .... or …. or...

With thinking too much kazuya started to feel really bad so he excused himself 
From class while everyone kept staring at him and whispering between themselves ... 

The teacher agreed and let him go … Jin was in so much shock from what Just happened he did not noticed before how his friends were treating kazuya ….

He rushed after kazuya knowing that he would be in the bathroom crying all alone.. Like before .. he was right !! .. 
the boy was about to cry .. then this one tear starred To role down kazuya cheeks so jin whipped it off before it get all the way down …

And said : Kazuya what's wrong now ? Did that stepfather of yours come again ?!
I promised to hit him if he did … I will not  let him do anything to you don't worry!!

Kazuya : Then why you are so cold to me today .. and kept avoiding me Are you playing some games on me ?! 
or maybe you Pity me ?! Do you hate me.. so I am a bother to you right .. 
Don't worry I will stay away from you for now on !!  This is what you want right ?!

Jin : No God !! .. That’s not true at all … How you can even think that ?! I don’t hate you it’s the other way around …
 It Just I got grounded last Night because I got home late and I am not allowed to go outside for a week !! 
I kept avoiding you because I thought if I told you .. you will get upset … I never thought you would think that way kazuya .. 
there is no way for me to hug or kiss a person I hate you know ?!

Kazuya : You are really stupid Jin  aren't you ?! If you just told me its okay … 
so please don’t do this  to me ever again … 

Jin : I won't I promise … 

When they went outside .. the school was empty and NO one was around !!

Sorry kazuya .. I will see tomorrow .. I wish I could stay with you .. call me ne ?!!

Kazuya : Its Ok .. mata ashta ...

So jin left and kazuya went to his home too <<the school>>…
He was so tired so he slept right away ..

Jin was waiting for that call for so long but it didn't  come ..
He thought :  maybe he is little upset about what happened today ?!

He did not know that kazuya can't afford having a cell phone …



Note : Sorry for really baing  late ... Hope you liked it si far   I JUST LOVE AKAME ....
 As i said before  .. this is my first time wiritng a Fic wanna here your thoughts about it ...
And .. << Its a pure love << hope you could
that ... 

( Go Back to part (2) )  Or ( Move On to part (4) )


Isyya  和 仁 Yuuki k2jis_kazuchan on July 21st, 2008 05:17 am (UTC)
waiting next chapter.. (^__^)

like the story...
Numixgagulan on July 21st, 2008 06:09 am (UTC)
You r rite, it is funny~ I like this one~

When they went outside .. the school was empty and NO one was around !!

thanks~ U make me have that big smile even when i'm typing u this message~

Numixgagulan on July 21st, 2008 06:14 am (UTC)
Forgot again~
Cant wait for the next Chapter~
i'm so jelaous of u~ U even update ur chapter more faster that me~
secrettears_x on January 27th, 2009 06:10 pm (UTC)
It's.... pure. <3

I feel good reading it.

The feelings are very communicative.

I... I really like your fic ^////^