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23 July 2008 @ 06:38 pm
(FIC) (( Its hurts that I love you )) kazuya !! Part (4)  

Title : (( Its hurts that I love you )) kazuya
Rating :  dont know? haha 
Genre : some Romance , too much Drama
Pairings : Just Akame
Disclamer : I Dont  own any of them << but i wish i could haha  >> 
Author : Kamesoul
 Summary :This is a  sad story about two young boys
had fell in love with each other without knowing it !! 

While Jin was waiting for that call ..

 He wants so badly to hear kazuya  voice .. without Known the reason for it ..

<<Inside of jin's head>> 
I am afraid that something might happened to him ..cause he is there all alone and if something happened to him !! 
who would be there to save him or maybe he is still upset about today .. 
why he haven't called yet .. God I am so worried about him !!

So without even thinking or using his head the Bakanishi sneak out of the house. 
and started running in the street so fast ….  Until he was at the school's large gate … it was locked of course. 
he was trying to go in…but sadly he couldn’t … so he shout kazuya name as loud as he can many times saying : 
Kamenashi Kazuya Where the Hell Are You ??!! He kept  saying it until….

<<At the same time >>

Kame was sleeping on that same sofa …the one that Jin had put him on it .. it was a normal old sofa .. 
but to kazuya it was something priceless… so he was   dreaming about someone
Special !! << Akanshi Jin >> ….

In his dream he sees jin talking to him and smiling at him like always  ..Then w\o warning…  
that smiling face started…to pull away from him…  he was trying to reach it but its far away for him to catch. 
he screamed Jin's name. saying : No .. please Jin..don't go away .. don’t leave me alone .. not after what happened between us  Jin !! .. 
you found me right ?!  please don’t go.. stay here by my side like you said you would....

Then he woke up feeling  a little upset.. he woke up feeling scared about what he just saw…it was a strange feeling to him seeing jin treating him like that .. 
even. Even if it is Just a dream he doesn't like at all …

He said : ah ~~it was all a dream thank you god~~ really  I cant seem to get him off my mind ..
I think I am going crazy cause I can hear him calling my name right now ….

He thought he is going crazy ... but jin's voice got stronger every second ..

He returns to reality…to realize that’s someone is actually calling him … he got up .. started  running like hell 
when he came closer to see that
familiar voice  that   familiar  face .. he is way too happy to see Jin's face 
and so he kept running towards him …


Meanwhile ….


Jin stood there and called kazu's name many time .. but there was no response so he just give up 
and he was going back to his house when he saw kazuya running to him..

He make this big smile on his face ….


Kazuya made his exit … and so he met jin & said : Hi .. very nice to see you .. but what are you doing here ?! 
aren't you grounded from going outside ?! or did something happened to you ?!


Jin replies : Its true I am grounded but I cant help it .. I wanted to see you  .. is that really a bad thing .wait !! .. 
I am the one who should ask : Why haven't you called me?!  d
idn’t you promised to call me today before I left you ….
 I was worried like hell .. I thought something bad happened to you … but thank god you seem okay …………


<< In kazu's mind >> 
he wants to see me .. me !! he was worried about me right?!
I guess .. I don’t remember making a promise
 to call him today or maybe I did?!! g
od I really don't know!! But I am so glad that he came to see me cause I wanted to see him too !!!


Kazuya started to drop a tear from his eyes .. he wiped it as faster as he can … but Jin notice it  and said : 
what's  wrong kazuya ?!  did you had a nightmare about that cruel man  again ?!


Kazuya : no that’s not it … its just I had a fear that I might wont see you any more .. or someone will take you away .…
 I know its only a dream but it felt so real to me and I really wanted to see you too … I am glad that you came… and… I..am..actually …….


At that moment Jin grab kazu's arm and squeeze it so strong.. saying : I will never let go ..
 I will never leave you .. you will see me every day.. even if you like it or not !! .. haha.....

Note : Sorry for the big late ... Hope you liked it si far   I JUST LOVE AKAME ....
As i said before  .. this is my first time wiritng a Fic wanna here your thoughts about it ...
And .. << Its a pure love << hope you could
that ... 

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Numix: Cheerfulgagulan on July 24th, 2008 06:54 am (UTC)
LuCky ME!!!~
Wow! The dream was so scary to imagine too~
I dun want dream like that again~
(T_T) Bcoz i had the similar dream~
I Love it~ Poor Kazu~
Baka Jin~!
Cant wait to read the next chapter~ *Click Open in new tab*
secrettears_x on January 27th, 2009 06:13 pm (UTC)
Loved it how they both shout each other's names, in reality and in dream.

Okay my comments are really short, but that's only because I want to know what happens next XDD