kamesoul (kamesoul) wrote,

mp3 rip of 2004.09.12 SC Aki preformance

Hi .. minna .. how are you ?? 

This is the most amazing quite song I ever heard for kat-tun..
Its called : Aki .... maybe I am over-reacting .. 
but its really a wonderful song .... anyway ..

I just listen to this song its really one of the best songs ever ..
If you know kat-tun you must hear it till the end ...
please everyone from friends to strangers you got to hear it  .. 
I love Akame voices here so so much ...so here it is .....
You must hear the part in 1:37 its really something !!!

Try this Link to listen :  
Try this Link to download : mediafire

Credit goes to : jone_records 

So what do you Think about it ?!!
Tags: akame, akanishi jin, discussion, downloads, kamenashi kazuya, kat-tun, music, nakamaru yuichi, taguchi junnosuke, tanaka koki, ueda tatsuya
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