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I ❤ You So Much! My New Scanner!

I ❤ You So Much! My New Scanner!

I Got a New Scanner today and I must say it makes wonders! I love it so much! The pics are way too HQ,clean and sharp and I can do whatever I want with it! its soo cool and at the same time too easy! XD Lets have a look at these two photos I just scanned them! and oh there is many more to come! mostly Kame though! *is happy*


Tell me what you think of the Quality and how much you love these two? <3
oh and Guys No stealing~ or Re-sharing~ I trust you all~ *huggles*
p.s I adore KameDa ❤.
Tags: discussion, fandom, kameda, kamenashi kazuya, kat-tun, picspam, pictures, random, scans, ueda tatsuya
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