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(FIC) (( Its hurts that I love you )) kazuya !! Part (6)

Title : (( Its hurts that I love you )) kazuya
Rating :  dont know? haha 
Genre : some Romance , too much Drama
Pairings : Just Akame -- Pi & Matsu Jun show up in this Part !!
Disclamer : I Dont  own any of them << but i wish i could haha  >> 
Author : Kamesoul
Summary :This is a  sad story about two young boys
had fell in love with each other without knowing it !!  

So The day that Kame farad  has came … everyone was in class … girls were looking from far distance at the amazing hottie Akanishi Jin as he make his entrance  … 
he did not noticed the stares  actually… so he just kept walking to his seat … then he sat on it .. and so he looked at the back searching for kazuya but he was not there ?! Why ?!  

while he was thinking his friend smacked him on the head and said : 

Hay what are you doing Bakanishi ?!  haven’t seen you lately I missed spending time with you ?!
you did not even show up to the practice !! 
the coach was really pest off you know !!
Hello are you with me ??  

Jin : Oi !!  Oi !! That really hurt Pi !!

How many times should I tell you ?! don’t call me Bakanishi ever again understood ?! I did not do anything I was grounded like I told before that I was !! 
I also told you before to tell the coach I will miss practice .. But I guess you didn’t ha!!

Pi : Oh !! Yes I remembered you saying something about it  ..sorry ..I didn’t ..tell him!!
Please don’t be mad Jin I well explain everything to the coach .. I will take full responsibly for it .. I promise !!

Jin : Hay relax its not the end of world or anything you just forget and you did apologized  then everything is fine right ?! .. 
he said it and patted Pi's  shoulder so he excused
himself to go to the men's room  … 

Pi Just nodded.. he was in deep shock !! this is the first time he see his best friend like this .. he was expecting a punch or a kick or something !! 
he could not believe that Jin did nothing !! and simply  said what he said ….

 <<Pi's thought >> you really did change Jin did something happened ?! how come you become so … He was cut Off by the ringing of the bell …

While Jin was making his way the bathroom .. girls from everywhere Jumped to him asking him to eat lunch with them or to date them or <<Whatever you can think of >> ..


He sneaked away then he rushed to the bathroom .. he wants to see his lover so much! but when he got there … there was no one .. 
he felt so empty and kept thinking where did you go Kazuya ?! Where are you ?! .. he got out ...

And so he was walking in those empty hallways .. wondering where kazuya might be ?!!


Jin return to the  classroom  and check kazuya seat to see if he was there but sadly he wasn’t !


Pi noticed Jin from the corner of the door he was about to shout :  Jin !! but he stopped after seeing Jin teary eyes … 
yamapi really wants to know what happened to his best friend Akanshi Jin  ?!


Jin left the class .. went up to the roof .. lay down on the floor .. fell asleep then he woke up by the ringing of his cell !!


stranger : Moshi !! Moshi !!  are you Akanshi Jin sir ?!


Jin : Yes I am .. Is something wrong sir ?!


Stranger : do you know someone called Kamenashi Kazuya ?!


Jin : Yes .. Why ? what is the matter ?? is he hurt ??


Stranger : no every thing is fine we would like you to inform him that we accepted him for the Job he asked for ?!


Jin : What that Job might be ?!


Stranger : I guess you should hear it from him not me right ?!


Jin : I guess .. thank you for informing me I will be sure to let him know when I see him.


Stranger : okay .. thank you .. and good bye …


Jin was so so confuse because : first kazuya was no where to be found then how did that man get his number ?! 
and what is the Job that kazuya asked for ?! and he did not tell me about it  ??!


He was shaking his head .. so pest off of everything .. then suddenly he feels warm hands hugging him from the back ..and placing a soft kiss on his cheek and said : 

did you misse me ?? Jin turned to the back to see the smiley kazuya looking at him .. he could not hold the tears any more so he started crying .. 

he hugged kazuya so tight .. and said with a soft tone : kazu .. where did you go ? I was worried .. I searched for you everywhere !! ..
 where were you ?? .. and what's that about you asking for a Job ? and I could not … he was cut off by Kame placing his finger on Jin's mouth ……………


As he said : shhh.. I am  sorry .. I was out today trying to find a Job because you know this is our last year in high school I cant stay here forever 


Jin : First of all you could at least told me that you were looking for a job .. I would gladly help you too !! I am really pest off you know !! I was really worried about you !!


Kame : I am so sorry .. I did not want to burden you .. for my own problems .. I want to solve them myself ..


Jin : How in hell could you say that kazuya …. Didn’t I tell you before I will be with you forever how you could think that I see you as burden ..
I am really disappointed in you kazuya .. I thought you can share everything with me but I guess I was wrong !!


Kame : No no Jin that’s not it .. I also promised to share things with you !!  don’t upset I promise from now on I will tell you everything !!  
I wont hide things from you anymore!! Okay !! so will you forgive me JinJin !!


Jin : I cant help it .. Okay .. I forgive you … Just don’t do it again !! btw what is the Job you asked for ?!


Kame : thank you JinJin  … Oh the Job is : to be a host in some night club .. its really good .. if I get more then three customers in one night .. 
they will increase my salary .. and I guess its so much fun you know what Jin ?!


Kame turn to face Jin only to see him burning with fire in his eyes !! Kame said :

Jin what's wrong with you ?! you look horrible really ..


Jin : what did you say are you serous ?!! you .. in .. a .. Host .. club ..!!!!! no I will not allow it .. 
did you know that they make serve wine and flirt with customers .. and gods know what else !!


Kame : I Know all that already .. its not A problem .. I wont drink .. or have sex .. don’t worry Jin .. I belong to you .. only you !!


Jin : I am glad to hear that !! but kazuya you must be extra careful with the customers !!
don’t let them get to you !!  don’t stay too long with one customer !!


Jin <thought> : I hope things will be alright .. but I have a Bad feeling about this !!


Kame : hai .. hai .. You are like my father Jin you look so cute …


Jin blushed .. and said : look the one who call me earlier was he the boss or something !!


Kame : yes he is .. his name is : Matsumoto Jun .. he is such lovely guy .. he was so kind to me .. I am so thankful to him..

Note : Sorry I know  I said before I wiil have them on class with the Whispers-Curses-hurt feelings thing but I proimse that will be so soon wait ne ?!... 
Hope you liked it si far   I JUST LOVE AKAME ....As i said before  .. this is my first time wiritng a Fic wanna here your thoughts about it ...
And .. << Its a pure love << hope you could
Understand that ... 

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Tags: akame, akanishi jin, arashi, fanfic, jun matsumoto, kamenashi kazuya, kat-tun, news, tomohisa yamashita

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