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(FIC) (( Its hurts that I love you )) kazuya !! Part (7)

Title : (( Its hurts that I love you )) kazuya
Rating :  dont know? haha 
Genre : some Romance , too much Drama
Pairings : Just Akame -- Ueda & Matsu Jun &  little Ohno satoshi  show up in this Part !!
Disclamer : I Dont  own any of them << but i wish i could haha  >> 
Author : Kamesoul
Summary :This is a  sad story about two young boys
had fell in love with each other without knowing it !! 


 Jin : Oh .. I see .. Kazuya … how come he has my number ?!


Kame : when I first asked for this job .. he asked me who who would  he have to call if something bad happened like an emergency or anything …. 
So I gave him your number hope .. you .. don’t .. mind .. that Jin !?!

Jin was so happy to hear that .. so he started to jump like an idiot .. Kame laughed so hard .. and Jin was looking at him with these wormy eyes … he said : Kazuya ……….


Kame : hmm ?! what ?!

Jin : Kiss me now … 

Kame : with pleaser…


So they had this passionate kiss both of them were so happy .. that they found each other …. 
Akakame sat on the floor holding hand like always ….


Suddenly they hear some noise in the back of the roof .. they went there to see someone under these large pipes trying to get out .. 
so they helped him but with a confused look on there faces  .. its appears that this boy who was a student from their class .. named … Ueda Tatsuya ..


Jin : Are you okay Ueda-san .. are you hurt any where ?!!


Ueda : No .. I guess I am fine  thanks Akanishi …


Jin : thank god those pipes were really heavy !! what were you doing here any way ?!


Ueda : I was reading a book then I fell asleep .. next thing I know I was under these Pipes trying to get out !!


Jin : Oh ..I see … where did kazuya go to ?! I saw him here Just a minute ago !!


Ueda <thought> : who is kazuya ?! I don’t know anyone called kazuya ?!!


Suddenly .. Kame open the roof door .. with clean towels in his hands and some water .. so he rushed to Ueda and started to treat the wound on his face .. 
giving him some water  .. saying : does it hurt any where .. are you feeling better now !!


Ueda : ah .. I am feeling a lot better .. its all thanks to you .. kamenashi-kun !!


Kame : you are welcome ..


Jin : where did you go again … you are so kind kazuya .. that’s what I love about you !!


Kame : to get these … any normal person would do the same you know !! thanks …


Jin : I wouldn’t !! …. does that make me not normal !! …


Kame : I guess .. ..


Then Jin Eyes widened as Kame was laughing at his face .. Ueda Join him laughing ..


The air was so fresh and all of them liked it .. Ueda stood up .. closed his eyes .. spread his hands … like he was flying … 

And said : doesn't this feels so good guys !!


Kame & Jin : Yes … It really does …


Ueda : Oh .. I Just remember something .. I must go .. If I don’t I think  ryo-chan Is going to kill me .. 
Ja ne.. see you later … btw thanks for every thing .. now I call you Kazuya so we are officially  friends okay ?!


Kame : thanks .. that makes me so happy … Tatsuya  !!


Jin was really glad to see Kame making new friends … so the three of them went down stairs only to be scolded by the principle ...
for skipping class and so she let them off this time with Just a warning .. so all of them went home ….


Kame get out off school .. running like hell .. he don’t want to be late in his first day of work  And so he finally he reached the club .. 
he stood there at the entrance only to see this handsome man wearing a black X black  suit .. he was so hot .. Kame heart skip a beat or two … 
Then the man spoke : Are you coming or not ?!


Kame  : ha..i .. hai .. ano .. where is the boss ?? I need to talk to him .. if you don’t mind !!


The man : you are looking at him .. nice to meet kamenashi kazuya .. I am matsumoto Jun .. hope we could have a good business  ..


then he reached his hand to kame for a hand shake .. Kame shake him back .. and said : I Really hope so  


Kame <<thought>> God really is he the boss ?! .. I thought he would be older .. when I talked to him on the phone .. it was really unlivable ….


Jun : so would you like me to show you around ….

Kame : I'd Love to ….


So he took him on a tour of the whole place .. he taught him the basics and what most customers would like him to do .. he also intrudes him to the other hosts ..


They all look so cool and pretty  << Kame thought >> 

One of the hosts came to Kame and said : welcome to our family .. kamenashi ..Hope you will be happy working here with us … 
I am sure you will have the best time of your life .. 

Then the light went off .. some fire works were seen .. it was a welcoming party .. Kame was so happy.. he liked all the staff  .. he only wished that Jin would be here  … with him .. 

Jun suddnly rushed out of the door after a phone call he had .. appeared his friend ohno satoshi was Injured .. in a car ascendant ..
 but thank god there was nothing bad … only the car was damaged so he brought ohno the party to cheer him up  … so he intrudes him to Kame ..  
they had a greet time .. Kame said he got to go early because his lover is waiting for him ….. or maybe because he have school also !!

The room was salient .. no one thought he would actually say that he has a lover ..  
Ohno tried to make weird faces that of course made every one laugh .. 
So Kame bow his head and said : thank you so much for everything … see you tomorrow…


Jun : hay .. wait .. take this .. I know you don’t have one so I will give this to you  ..

<< A cell phone >> keep it with you .. and don’t be late tomorrow .. sleep tight .. bye…


Kame was having the best time of his life .. it was 3pm in the morning .. but he really wanted to tell Jin about his wonderful day .. 
so he left up his new cell phone .. dialed Jin's number …..


 Jin was so tired after the practice .. he haven’t practiced for a long time so he was exhausted.. he slept right away …


Daremo shiranai story (what) hanashite yo slowly (haa) Umaku ienai kedo hitori ja nai < < jin's phone started to ring >>

 he was so pest off . who the hell could call him at this hour .. he picked up the phone .. said : hello .. who are you ?! 
don’t you have any shame calling people at this hour ha ?! are you playing with me who the hell are you ?


Kame : Oi .. Oi .. Jin Its me Kazuya … I am so sorry … I forgot that you were sleeping .. go back to sleep..


Jin : Kazuya … are you really kazuya ?! why are you calling .. I cant go back to sleep now can I !!


Kame : Oh that’s right .. I only called you .. to let you know about my new Job its really greet .. 
everyone is so kind to me .. I love it .. really  .. I do .. ah I am so happy ….


Jin : that is so good .. I am glad to see you happy .. << with a very disappointed tone >>


Kame : Jin  what is the matter ?! .. I though you would be happy for me … 

Jin : I am … I really am .. It just the thought of you getting touched by all those people  !! I cant stand it .. I really cant ..


<< Kame thought of doing something >>


Kame ; JIN YOU MUST COME TO THE SCHOOL RIGHT NOW I CANT BREATH I GUSS I WILL DIE AHHHHH  !!! << he knew that Jin was going to believe him right away >>


Jin : Kazuya !! Kazuya !! What wrong KAZUYA !!! I am coming right now don’t worry ..

 I will be there in a minute .. don’t die .. don’t leave me …


When Jin was at the gate's door .. breathing really hard because he ran so fast ..

Jin saw Kame standing next to it .. looking so fine .. like there is nothing … 

Jin started to mumble : Kazuya are you okay .. you look fine .. then why did you say all that ?!! ……


Kame was holding a glass in his hands .. he threw it .. into the floor .. of course it will break … Jin was so confused and amused of kazu's behavior … 
Kame stared at Jin with Angry eyes .. walked straight at him .. Jin was kind of scared so he back off a little.. Kame grabs Jin's hand .. 
bring him closer .. hugging him really hard .. then placing a Kiss in his cheek .. the last thing he did .. he Whispered  .. the words .. I love you  .. Jin.  


Jin was left speechless …..


Two days later :


 someone was watching them from a far distance .. keeping an eye on them .. always   ... all the time ....

Note : Thank you so much for your sweet comment .. so how you liked so far .. ist becoming intrsting or boring to you what are your ideas for the next chapter ..  ?!!  hope you liked it si far   I JUST LOVE AKAME ....As i said before  .. this is my first time wiritng a Fic wanna here your thoughts about it ... And .. << Its a pure love hope you could Understand that .. >>

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