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10 December 2010 @ 01:02 pm
Meme: "Top 31 Christmas Songs"  
"Top 31 Jpop\Jrock Christmas\Winter Songs"


Taken from no one. I thought about my favorite Jpop\Jrock Christmas\Winter Songs! and since Its December already! might as well start with it right? If you would like to do it as well that would be great! Each day for the next 30 days! Post a Christmas\Winter Song you like! with\without lyrics! and with\without download links. Tell what the song mean to you? Or what do you like mostly about the song? Does it have a special meaning or? Tag anyone if you feel like it. feel free to comment and express you opinion.

Day 01 - Day 02 - Day 03 - Day 04 - Day 05 - Day 06 - Day 07 - Day 08 - Day 09

Day (10):
Hanashitaku wa Nai - T-BOLAN



Hanashitaku wa Nai

ima omae wo kono ude ni dakitakute oh, setsunai yo
aitai toki mo dore hodo tsurai ka to toikaketeta
hitorikiri no yoru naraba imasugu ni
oh, ai ni iku yo oh...
toozakaru futari no kyori toikakete nagusameteta

akirameru yori mo shinjiru koto ni kaketeiru
omoi wo dakishimeteitai...
konnanni everyday, everynight
kizukete kureta everyday, everynight
hanashitaku wa nai

koi suru hotori toketeku tameiki ga mata hitotsu
itsumo tsuyogari bakari no namida sae koboresou sa
afureru omoi wo ima sara nagekaketemiru ka
subete ga owaranai you ni

*konna ni everyday , everynight
ai shiteta nante mou...everyday, everynight
hanashitaku wa nai

afureru omoi wo ima sara nagekakete miru yo
subete ga kawaranai you ni

Gackt Version (01):

Gackt Version (02)



Okay so for the 10th of this month! I go with this song! It first came out I believe in 1991 and became a great hit! * I wasn't born yet* Its meaningful,touching and so powerful! The lyrics are so beautiful and pure! when I first listened to this song! I became so crazy about it! like listening to it each day! and hell it deserve it! cause its amazing! of course it was Gackt version that led me to the original and frankly I love both! so emotion so strong passion! that what makes it a great song! I hope you all will like it! :D

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Current Music: Hanashitaku wa Nai - T-BOLAN
marlenem: kame - carefreemarlenem on December 10th, 2010 01:56 pm (UTC)
Now, this is my type of music *____* I really love this kind of rock ♥
And this is an absolutely amazing song! Both in T-Bolan's and Gackt's performance :D
kamesoulkamesoul on December 10th, 2010 03:16 pm (UTC)
I knew you would love this song! And I was right! XD Yeah I believe this kind of Rock is the best! glad you liked both versions! Its a wonderful song indeed! <3
curlz87: sho_kuncurlz87 on December 30th, 2010 01:51 am (UTC)
both of them wonderful, i can choose who i like the best