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Kat-Tun (50) Wallpaper \ All Pairs \ Them : Heart (Colorful) !! Pt2

Hi Guys..Missed You ALL !! .. I Just got back .. And I wanted to shair these with you as I promised before...
(50) Wallpaper for The Best Band Ever : K-A-T-T-U-N !! Part TWO  << For Part One Click On Me >>

as Pairs : (15) Any Pair You Could Think Of !! In K-T ... 
Its (5)  groups so Let me Know wich one you Liked the most ne ?!!

 Samples :

Do you Like This Paring ?!

Jin X Kazuya 

Junnosuke X Tatsuya

Yuichi X Koki

Or Maybe You Like This One ?!

Jin X Tatsuya

Kazuya X Koki

Yuichi X Junnosuke

Maybe You Like This The Most ?!

Jin X Junnosuke

Tatsuya X Koki 

Yuichi X Kazuya

Do You Liked This One ?! << I Hope

Junnosuke  X

Jin X Yuichi

Kazuya X Tatsuya 

How This For A Change Good ha ?!

Jin X Koki

Junnosuke X Kazuya

Yuichi X Tatsuya 

Thats All .. Hope you like it .. Sorry for the late .. I Just Get Back from my Trip .. Cant wait !! << I missed you all ^Love^

Note : If you are taking any you must credit me kamesoul  ... dont clam these as yours please !! ...
Credit : For All : The pictures Are from: jone_records

Tags: akame, akanishi jin, kameda, kamenashi kazuya, kat-tun, kokame, nakamaru yuichi, taguchi junnosuke, tanaka koki, ueda tatsuya, wallpaper
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