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Meme: "Top 31 Christmas Songs"

"Top 31 Jpop\Jrock Christmas\Winter Songs"


Taken from no one. I thought about my favorite Jpop\Jrock Christmas\Winter Songs! and since Its December already! might as well start with it right? If you would like to do it as well that would be great! Each day for the next 30 days! Post a Christmas\Winter Song you like! with\without lyrics! and with\without download links. Tell what the song mean to you? Or what do you like mostly about the song? Does it have a special meaning or? Tag anyone if you feel like it. feel free to comment and express you opinion.

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Day 11
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Day (13):
Meri Kuri - BoA


Watch PV Here.


Meri Kuri
Futari no kyori ga sugoku chijimatta kimochi ga shita
Shizen ni ude ga kumete hieta sora miageta toki ni

Konbini de ocha erande atarimae ni wake atte
Kimi no mune ni kurumarete iru

Zutto zutto soba ni ite
Daisuki na kimi wo mitsumete tai
Snowflakes kimi no nukumori wa
Fuyu no okurimono hora yuki da yo

Doko ka de tsurai koto ya samishi sa ni butsukatte mo
Kimi omou kono kimochi ni shoujiki de iru to chikau yo

Megeru to kore kike yotte kashite kureta cd wa
Kimi ga kureta uta no ravu retaa

Zutto zutto iitakute
Tsuki atte kurete nee arigatou
Motto suki na hito tsuyoku
Dakishime nasai to yuki wa furu no

Okurimono wo sagashi nagara musubu hazu no nai kimochi ga
Musubi aeta koto no fushigi kanjiteta

Zutto zutto soba ni ite
Onaji yume sagasu tabi wo shitai
Snowflakes sora ga machikado ni
Shiroi iki wo haku hora yuki da yo

The white white snow's coming tonight,
Make a wish upon your kiss.

Merry Christmas
I felt that the distance between us had been greatly shortened
Suddenly our arms linked together, when we looked up to the cold sky

Picking out tea at a convenience store, we usually share it
I'm enveloped in your heart

I always, always
Want to look upon you who I love, at my side
Snowflakes, your warmth
Winter's present, look, it's snow

Even if painful things and lonely things collide somewhere
I swear that I'll be honest about the feelings I feel for you

"When you get frustrated, listen to this", the CD you lent me
Is your love letter in song form, to me

I always, always want to say
Hey, thanks for being together with me
The falling snow says
"Please hold the person that you love more tightly"

While searching for a present, I felt
The wonder of our feelings that were linked together, when they shouldn't have been

I always, always
Want to go on journeys in search of the same dreams with you
Snowflakes, from the sky, on the corner
Our breath is white, look, it's snow

The white white snow's coming tonight,
Make a wish upon your kiss.

Today I bring to you one of BoA most beautiful songs! she has a beautiful voice and her singing is so high leveled and so touching! you can feel the emotion pouring into the song and the calm,quite atmosphere of the song is very lovely! and the lyrics tells a story between two lovers wants to spend their life together! and what is their daily life like? they we wish to stay as they are forever! I find it from a girl point is very cute! like an adorable couple! Hope you like the song! :D

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